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Just discovered your delightful blog today! For what it's worth (which I know may be 'nothing') -- my own son was Mr. Ear Infections as a baby/toddler. We did end up going the ear tubes route because (1) he couldn't live his whole life on amoxicillan and they worried that it would become ineffective for him for other infections and (2) a hearing test at age 2 started to show some negative impact to his hearing. Anyway, despite great trepidation on my part we went for the tubes and they were in for two years before falling out on their own accord (that's what you want to have happen). Anyway, from the time the tubes went in he NEVER had another ear infection, and he re-gained his hearing to normal levels. Just wanted to say that it worked well for us, in case the doctor mentions it to you as an option at some point....

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