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oh soo sad. We have an old fashioned tiny wal-mart right down the hill from us. The kind of little wal-mart that has just exactly what you need at 9PM- toilet paper, milk, a quart of paint...there are rumors they are closing it to build a huge MEGA one 15 minutes away. I pray it isn't so. I avoid the big ones like the plague.


Urrrrgggg!!! *shakes fist*

I HATE seeing places like this close.

So sorry that you're loosing your little market :(


I just read about that in the paper. It's such a shame. I wish we had something like that closer to us. I love going to Fresh Market in Carmel but it's not too convenient and I don't make it by there very often.


Sunflower was a great donor to Second Helpings also.
At least we're getting closer to to having a (Fresh Market) a grocery store at 54th and College.

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