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I have that same issue - so my solution was to buy skinny tension rods from Home Depot and essentially make a panel of sheer fabric with pockets at the top and bottom of the panel for the tension rods. They sit inside the frame - taught (makes a very clean looking window covering), so you don't lose the integrity of the beautiful woodwork around the windows, but still gives you privacy and lets light in. I hope that made sense!


oh I like cafe curtains, privacy while you are sitting down working, but still lots and lots of light! and then you can open them when she is not having her morning coffee...


I with Jerusalem. I adore cafe curtains!

Lucius Keehner

Hmm, how about one-way glass? My sunroom has those, and they are quite effective. They're not even that pricey. The price difference from regular glass is not that much. You can accentuate them with some nice curtains, too. Hope this helps.

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