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Beetnik Mama

Oh, this is cruel! You're really going to make us wait???

And you know I'll come back. You know, you know . . . ;-)


wow! as an old house lover and resident, i completely get your frustration and despair. but i'm grateful you've rescued that house. this is so cool. i don't live in So Bro but i love it. great blog. :)

Shane Adams

Indeed... Wow! That's a really big find, and it's your house as well, and that's very awesome! Congratulations to you for buying that house -- it's pretty lucky that the house was put back in the market. That must have been the sign that told you "buy this, now", right?


That looks pretty similar to my house, also a Dutch Colonial (with a Dutch door to boot). If I can find a pic, I'll send it to you.

Belinda Jackson

Those colonial houses are really something, aren't they? Mine is a Spanish colonial one. It's very cozy and I have only renovated it twice. That's a very lucky find, I suggest you grab the opportunity.

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